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The 3 Types of Video to Impact Your Marketing Strategy

Video is big for businesses. Especially as a marketing tool. While anybody can grab their smartphone and shoot a quick video, there’s a difference to just pointing the camera at yourself and talking, versus creating a video that will help you connect with your customers and clients.

If you want to give your video marketing strategy a boost, take a moment to learn about the three types of videos you can use to impact YOUR marketing strategy.

The Demo Video

You’ve got a nifty product. Or you’re into a cool thing and you want to rally others to the cause. If you’re looking for a good way to get people interested in your product or service, look no further than the Demo Video. Demo videos are great because they allow you to personally show others how your product or service solves their problem.

According to, 1 in 3 millennials have purchased a product after watching a demo video. It is said that one can learn anything by watching a YouTube video (I’ve been known to use YouTube to do major car repairs on my Subaru…). Capitalize on this natural way to market your products and services by demonstrating how it works. Show customers the secrets to doing it right. Show them how to make it easy. Show them why your product is the right solution.

Customers love to be helped, especially by companies and services that go out of their way to put information at their fingertips. And frequently, that information leads future purchases.

The Brand Awareness Video

Who are you? What is your company all about? Why are you in business, anyway? You can have the world’s greatest product line, but if nobody knows your company, good luck trying to sell it.

A Brand Awareness Video is an introduction to you and your products. It’s a way to share your story with others, build brand recognition, and at the same time, educate new customers. But brand awareness videos can go much deeper than just general brand awareness. Use this kind of video to launch new products or to share with your customers information about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

The more your customer base is familiar with who you are and what you do, the more likely they will purchase from your company over another.

The Product Video

Unlike the other two videos, this type of video IS the product you sell. And as a product, it can be literally anything. You can sell music videos, a video series on vegan cooking, language learning, knitting…whatever you can dream of communicating can become a product!

Even if your company sells a product or service other than videos, you can still create a product that is a video people could purchase. Perhaps you can expand on that Demo Video you already created to make a more involved tutorial or training video series. Or maybe you can teach your techniques to others as a lead-in before they purchase your larger products and services. Either way, this kind of video is not to be overlooked.


It might seem that pointing the camera at something can produce a good marketing video. The reality is that every video that successfully connects with a customer has given them something. Whether its information that helps them learn a new skill, allows them to discover a new way to use your product, or makes your company more engaging and down-to-earth, video is a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

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