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About Renegade Digital Post

Renegade Digital Post was established with one goal in mind: providing Hollywood-caliber video editing services to filmmakers and content producers outside of Hollywood. 

The world is increasing it’s consuption of information through video. Filmmakers and content creators don’t have the time to sit at their computer editing all day. Especially when it’s not the strongest card in their hand. Renegade Digital Post is all about coming alongside those filmmakers to free them up to do what they do best.

Owner and video editor, Rachel Bogan, has close to a decade of video editing experience. She constantly hones her craft and delights in creating the best videos for her clients. Her services provide video production and editing to non-profits, businesses and individuals across the United States and around the world. In addition to editing and running Renegade, she also writes about video editing for ScreenLight.TV and

At Renegade Digital Post, we believe that solid storytelling starts with good filming and ends with good editing.

Rachel Bastarache Bogan

Owner, Video Editor

Our Values


Never be anything other than yourself. And never make work that doesn’t reflect the core of who you are and what you believe. At Renegade, every video we make reflects this pursuit of authenticity.

Hard Work

Call it the Yankee upbringing Rachel had back East. There’s no slacking at Renegade Digital Post. When we’re on the job, we not only work hard, but we work efficiently. There is simply no other way to guarantee quality work.


We don’t just think outside the box. There is no box. We believe no challenge is unbeatable. Creativity = problem-solving. At Renegade, we’re here to solve problems. Especially ones that keep you away from your camera.


No matter what your video is about, people are human beings. There’s respect that’s due. We believe in a working relationship built on respect, honor, and truthfulness, because that’s just neighborly.

Don't quite believe us?

We understand. Actions speak louder than words. So let our Partners and our work for them be the proof.