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The 3 Types of Video to Impact Your Marketing Strategy

Video is big for businesses. Especially as a marketing tool. While anybody can grab their smartphone and shoot a quick video, there’s a difference to just pointing the camera at yourself and talking, versus creating a video that will help you connect with your customers and clients. If you want to give your video marketing strategy a boost, take a moment to learn about the three types of videos you can use to impact YOUR marketing strategy. Learn about the 3 types of video to impact YOUR marketing strategy! Click To Tweet The Demo Video You’ve got a nifty product. […]

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10 Ways to Spend Less Time Editing Footage

Video production, from start to finish, can be long and labor-intensive. And for every hour spent finishing your video, that’s another hour you’re not doing something equally important. Here’s 10 ways to help you speed up your editing process so you can get back out where you want to be: filming! Try these 10 Ways to Spend Less Time Editing Footage! Click To Tweet Try these 10 ways to spend less time editing footage: Plan the edit. What exactly do you have to do to get your video done? Do you need to transcribe an interview or make an animation? […]

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5 of the Biggest Mistakes New Filmmakers Make When Video Editing

Congratulations! You’ve been shooting videos for a while now and you finally started a video project for your first client. Lights, camera, ACTION! After spending the time to capture your footage, you’ve got to assemble everything into your finished video product. And it’s this process that will take most of your production time. Good video editing is more than just sticking shots and music on a timeline. Click To Tweet Good video editing is more than just sticking shots and music on a timeline. Make your edit shine by avoiding these five mistakes: Mistake #1: Unorganized Hard Drives, Footage, and Files […]

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Project Automation for Faster Video Edits

One of the ways we save time at Renegade Digital Post is using Project Automation to free up valuable video editing time. For us, it means we get more edits done in exchange for less of the necessary, but repetitive tasks associated with editing. For you, it means your paid hours of video editing time go farther. For example, something we have to do each we start a new project is create a project file structure to hold your content, plus all the content from our libraries, as well as all the project files needed complete your project. If you’ve […]

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