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Can You Really Afford a Cheap Editor?

Let’s face it. You can buy anything cheap these days. And video editing skills to help you on a project is no exception.

A quick Google search for “cheap video editors” brings up more than just cheap software. You can hire editors through Fivver, etc. And their price tag of $15-25 an hour for editing services seems like a fantastic deal. It’s easy on your production budget, and you get the work done quickly. Bravo!

But is it really a good deal for you and your clients?

A single search on Fivver alone brings back hundreds of potential editors for you. It’s a sea of candidates to wade through.

To find out if a candidate is right for you, you have on an individual profile. And how do you pick who to click on from just a thumbnail? You start with whoever looks interesting.

But you don’t find the right person on the first click. Instead, you accept the tedious task of hunting through each profile. It takes your valuable time and effort to click on each each, to look at their work and offerings, to read their one or two recommendation ratings, and then decide to move on to the next one.

How many individual profiles do you actually end up looking through before you give up and select one from the many you already passed over?

Better question: what are you actually looking for?

If you’re clicking through profile after profile, is it really the price point you want? Or is it something else, something that you don’t see in their work, something you’re not reading in their reviews and recommendations?

I believe there is. And that solution is in my next post.

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