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Say “YES!” to Vertical Video

You see it all over social media: folks keep taking and posting vertical videos! Sometimes they’re on black square backgrounds, sometimes they’re blown up to fill the frame, and overall they’re UGLY! Among the video community, shooting vertical video is almost a crime. It’s next to impossible to fit into a standard, horizontal frame size without sacrificing a pleasing aesthetic. All our camera gear is oriented for shooting horizontal video. Our TVs and computer monitors are horizontal. Heck, as the wonderful Glove and Boots PSA puts is, “even our eyes are horizontal!” Yes, vertical video in a horizontal world is like a square peg in a round hole. Just don’t do it. There is one exception to this rule: shoot vertical videos when making content for the vertical world. Wait, there’s a vertical world? Yep! Two of the world’s largest social  networks LOVE vertical videos. They’re Snapchat and Instagram. And […]

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7 Things You Need for a Stand-Out YouTube Series!

With video ranking higher and higher in search results, now is the time to have video as a part of your marketing strategy. A great place to start is with a YouTube show, where you talk all about your products, business and life. A webshow, or video blog, is format where you regularly create videos and post to your channels. These videos can be anywhere from a few minutes long to over an hour! As you use the regular updates to talk to your audience, you gain credibility and interest in your products, business and life. While it’s possible to just turn on the camera, hit record, then upload straight to YouTube, there are 7 essential elements your new show must have in order to stand out from everything else: 1). An opening graphic and/or logo Make your video instantly recognizable by having the same opening graphic or logo at […]

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The Marketing Secret of Las Vegas Casinos

Ever been to Vegas? Yes, I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but I’m gonna break the rule here to share with you the thing the casinos know about effective marketing. Because this is something you need to know too. The National Association of Broadcasters conference was in April this year. I attended to connect with other post-production people, as well as some equipment research for Renegade Digital Post. And you guessed it. It was held in Vegas. The Strip in Las Vegas is a loud, flashy, provocative beast. If you’ve been to Las Vegas and walked the Strip, you know what I mean. It’s lights, music, cars, advertisements, buskers, hustlers, and an ever-moving morass of humans shoving their way down Las Vegas Boulevard. During the day, it’s tolerable. At night, it’s deafening. Each casino tries to position itself on the Strip as “The Place […]

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The 3 Types of Video to Impact Your Marketing Strategy

Video is big for businesses. Especially as a marketing tool. While anybody can grab their smartphone and shoot a quick video, there’s a difference to just pointing the camera at yourself and talking, versus creating a video that will help you connect with your customers and clients. If you want to give your video marketing strategy a boost, take a moment to learn about the three types of videos you can use to impact YOUR marketing strategy. Learn about the 3 types of video to impact YOUR marketing strategy! Click To Tweet The Demo Video You’ve got a nifty product. Or you’re into a cool thing and you want to rally others to the cause. If you’re looking for a good way to get people interested in your product or service, look no further than the Demo Video. Demo videos are great because they allow you to personally show others […]

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