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New Book Announcement!

Have you ever stopped mid-project to watch your cuts, then got distracted by watching other people’s video work and wondering, “Man, why doesn’t my video feel like THAT?” Have you ever sat starting at an edit point, wondering why it just felt…off? So much so that you spent twenty minutes wiggling the edit point back and forth on your timeline, finally finding something that felt right but not knowing how you found it? Have you ever wondered how to pack more emotion into your videos? Or wondering how to hook viewers and keep them watching beyond the first thirty-seconds? The answers to these nagging editing questions and more await you in my new book, “How to Edit Videos That People Want To Watch!” After ten years of working as a video editor and spending hours helping other producers solve their video editing headaches, I knew the independent video production community […]

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Going From Two Videos a Month to Six: A Case Study

Meet Dave Schlachter… Dave is a professional producer and in-house editor for Bon Secours Health Systems International. From his offices in Baltimore, MD, he oversees regular video work, creating content to showcase BSHSI’s work in communities across the United States. In February, 2017 a backlog of work suddenly caught up with Dave. He had six videos waiting to be cut, all with end-of-the-month deadlines. But as a single editor/producer, he typically finishes two videos a month. These videos often feature a few interviews, b-roll, graphics and music. He could edit three, maybe four videos in a month (if he pulled out all the stops). But not six. Dave had two options: Either work 18 hour days for a month straight and hope for the best, or somehow get work removed from his production schedule. Both seemed to be a recipe for insanity. That’s when Dave remembered seeing my ad, 10 Ways to Edit Video Footage […]

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Mark Chu’s Wedding Proposal Surprise

In the middle of September I got an email. A friend was planning to propose to his girlfriend in Portugal and he wanted a special video made during the event to surprise her with later. The shoot involved four people on the ground in Portugal, but the critical piece was getting the footage compiled and editing in short order. Specializing in this, I confidently told my friend that yes, he’d have his video back in one week. As with every project, there were some complications. A key aside to the camera was never shot in Portugal. The audio from the proposal on the beach was nearly inaudible in initial boosts in the timeline. After renegotiating the due dates, the new piece were shot and I ran the audio through my equipment to see what I could pull up from the data. And lo and behold, the video came together. Mark […]

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