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Stuck in an Endless Music Loop? Here’s Four Music Resources for You

Music is a vital element to any video production. It’s the heart and soul of a video. Yet finding good music is often a huge time waster But with music, we tell our audiences what to feel and think when they watch a video.  Music can imply subtext and give contextual meaning to the images on a screen. This technique isn’t only for Hollywood films and shorts. It applies to social videos and corporate messaging as well. Music is more than just “wallpaper,” providing something to listen to in the background of your video. (PSA: If you’re using music this way, please […]

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The Six Challenges of a Single-Person Producer: Moving Faster Than a Big Agency

One of the best benefits that the one-person or small production team offers a business is the flexibility and and lightweight production process. As a single-person or small team, you can easily accommodate production changes and requests, return media assets on a quick time-frame and bring your full creative skills to the project. Your clients love your input, your care during the process and the quality videos you produce for them. You, on the other hand, love your clients and the creative flexibility. But you can’t keep up with all the requested changes. The promised deadlines keep you up late, […]

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What Are You Really Looking For From An Editor?

In my previous post, I explored the idea of whether or not a cheap editor is probably not the best option for you and your clients. If you have to hand-hold your cheap editor, correct their work, or worse yet, wonder where they went with your project because they’re not responding to your calls and emails, was it really worth their price tag? So if it’s not price you’re worried about but you’re still satisfied, what are you really looking for? Chances are, you’re looking for an editor who has a solid reputation for delivering content that makes an impact, […]

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Can You Really Afford a Cheap Editor?

Let’s face it. You can buy anything cheap these days. And video editing skills to help you on a project is no exception. A quick Google search for “cheap video editors” brings up more than just cheap software. You can hire editors through Fivver, etc. And their price tag of $15-25 an hour for editing services seems like a fantastic deal. It’s easy on your production budget, and you get the work done quickly. Bravo! But is it really a good deal for you and your clients? A single search on Fivver alone brings back hundreds of potential editors for […]

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New Book Announcement!

Have you ever stopped mid-project to watch your cuts, then got distracted by watching other people’s video work and wondering, “Man, why doesn’t my video feel like THAT?” Have you ever sat starting at an edit point, wondering why it just felt…off? So much so that you spent twenty minutes wiggling the edit point back and forth on your timeline, finally finding something that felt right but not knowing how you found it? Have you ever wondered how to pack more emotion into your videos? Or wondering how to hook viewers and keep them watching beyond the first thirty-seconds? The […]

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Three Situations When You Should Work With An Outside Editor

You’re a video producer. Either you work for yourself, doing video projects for clients from shoot to final edits, or you’re a producer working with a small to mid-sized team, coordinating a team of people to handle all the aspects of video production. You have the whole production process covered in one way or another. So should you ever consider the possibility of working with an outside editor? I say yes! By writing off ever using an outside editor, you cripple your ability to solve these three situations: Situation One: The peaks in your production schedule are almost impossible to […]

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How to Hire A Video Editor — Five Questions You Need to Answer

If you’re a busy producer or director, especially in the freelance, small to mid-sized production company world, there will be seasons when it makes sense to farm part of the workload to another person. If you’re a faster shooter than you are an editor, it makes sense in these situations to work with an experienced video editor to help you get through the hustle. However, there is a risk doing this. The last thing you need is to farm work out, only to have to redo it yourself. How can you protect your time, creative vision, and client expectations without […]

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7 Things Every Editor Wants Out of an Interview

I’ve been cutting interview-based videos for a decade now. In addition, I have spent hours behind the camera, conducting interviews and filming them. Invariably, whether I shoot it myself or I receive a hard drive full of footage, there’s always a few things I wish I could have: 1). Break it Up Scrubbing through a 25-minute long chunk of footage is tedious. I mean, sure, I do it often, but it takes so much time marking each question, logging timecode of where things are located, and then relocating those same sound bytes later in the edit. Having the interview broken […]

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5 of the Biggest Mistakes New Filmmakers Make When Video Editing

Congratulations! You’ve been shooting videos for a while now and you finally started a video project for your first client. Lights, camera, ACTION! After spending the time to capture your footage, you’ve got to assemble everything into your finished video product. And it’s this process that will take most of your production time. Good video editing is more than just sticking shots and music on a timeline. Click To Tweet Good video editing is more than just sticking shots and music on a timeline. Make your edit shine by avoiding these five mistakes: Mistake #1: Unorganized Hard Drives, Footage, and Files […]

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