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Editing Tips

Three Ways to Fix Edits That Aren’t Working

I get asked to look at and offer suggestions on videos all the time. Frequently, the request is followed by the statement, “I don’t know what it is, something just doesn’t feel right.” Edits don’t work for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it depends on the cut itself, the music, the sound, the color, the speed, and any combination of those elements. The sooner you can spot why a particular cut or moment isn’t working, the less time you’ll spend trying to solve the problem through experimentation. When reviewing a video, there are three areas I pay attention to, looking to discover which one may be the possible culprit. Usually, a video can be fixed with one of these simple things: 1). Match the Rhythm to the Mood Rhythm refers to the visual pacing of a video. You might think that rhythm is dictated solely by the music track. However, […]

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Use Frameworks for Faster Edit Assembly

Cutting video footage, especially when working on unscripted projects, is often a discovery process. As an editor, you might not have the luxury have been on-set during filming. There’s a learning curve to scale of what was shot, when, and why. It means watching minute after minute of clips. All the while, you’re building familiarity with the footage and the project. You must scrub through and listen to multiple takes of a scene. If there are interviews to piece together, the process can be laborious and time-consuming as you listen, and possibly transcribe what was said. And after all that, there is still the process of cutting and crafting statements and b-roll into something that will hold your audience’s attention. For some, this building familiarity process ends up taking valuable time away from assembly. The temptation is to short-change it in favor of spending more time elsewhere in the edit […]

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7 Things Every Editor Wants Out of an Interview

I’ve been cutting interview-based videos for a decade now. In addition, I have spent hours behind the camera, conducting interviews and filming them. Invariably, whether I shoot it myself or I receive a hard drive full of footage, there’s always a few things I wish I could have: 1). Break it Up Scrubbing through a 25-minute long chunk of footage is tedious. I mean, sure, I do it often, but it takes so much time marking each question, logging timecode of where things are located, and then relocating those same sound bytes later in the edit. Having the interview broken up into smaller chunks to start makes a faster edit process. 2). Identify “It” You know what I mean. You’re listening to an interview and the interviewer asks, “So tell me how the Harper Feeding Program helped your family?” The subject then responds, “Well, it helped me feed my family […]

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Five Tips for Finding the Right Music–FAST!

Music can be the heart and soul of any video. Whether it’s something prestigious to convey the importance of the services and products of a corporation, or something silly to highlight the antics of a cat video, music has the power to tell your audience what to FEEL when they watch your video. Few other elements of a video have this much power, and as a result, music selection often takes a long time. It’s the reason why this tongue-in-cheek  pie charts like this one make the rounds in editing circles: After years of cutting, I’ve developed my own little system for finding music quickly. If hunting for the right music has you pulling your hair out and wasting time, use my five handy tips for finding that elusive track fast! 1). Don’t try to find your music before you start cutting. Wait, what? How can one edit if there’s […]

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Save Editing Time by Shooting Better Video

As an editor, I get to work with all kinds of footage. Good footage, crummy footage, footage that you swear was shot by a two-year old with an iPhone. As an editor, I can work magic, but it’s only to a point. Starting with good footage saves time fixing bad footage, making up for bad footage, and problem-solving how to use bad footage. Shooting better video is the best thing you can do to also save time in your editing. Shooting better video is the best thing you can do to also save time in your editing. Click To Tweet Here are three great ways to shoot better videos: 1. Get the best sound possible. Seriously. The number one way to improve the quality of your video is to get good sound. Why is this? Much of what we see is not determined by what we actually see. It’s by […]

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10 Ways to Spend Less Time Editing Footage

Video production, from start to finish, can be long and labor-intensive. And for every hour spent finishing your video, that’s another hour you’re not doing something equally important. Here’s 10 ways to help you speed up your editing process so you can get back out where you want to be: filming! Try these 10 Ways to Spend Less Time Editing Footage! Click To Tweet Try these 10 ways to spend less time editing footage: Plan the edit. What exactly do you have to do to get your video done? Do you need to transcribe an interview or make an animation? Do you need to find music or look for stock images? Noting these details makes it easier to jump from task to tasks. No more wondering, “uh, what comes next?” Organize everything. If you’re only working with one or two clips of footage, organization is easy. But if you’re working […]

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Project Automation for Faster Video Edits

One of the ways we save time at Renegade Digital Post is using Project Automation to free up valuable video editing time. For us, it means we get more edits done in exchange for less of the necessary, but repetitive tasks associated with editing. For you, it means your paid hours of video editing time go farther. For example, something we have to do each we start a new project is create a project file structure to hold your content, plus all the content from our libraries, as well as all the project files needed complete your project. If you’ve ever spent time going right-click > New Folder, type Folder Name, right-click > New Folder, type Folder Name, you have an understanding of this necessary but mundane task. And how time-consuming it can be. Let’s say it takes about 10-seconds to complete the above task for each folder. Do that […]

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