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A lot on your plate?

Don’t let it stop you.

So you're a small production company.

You might even be a one-man (or one-woman) crew, doing it all yourself. Your production calendar is packed. You’ve got projects lined up in advance. Your work is set to take you and your camera all over town, state, and maybe even the country. You know that your clients and customers like your work, and you’re doing what you love. It can’t get better than this.

But you've got a nagging problem: your projects are piling up.

You’re barely making deadlines. You don’t have time to think between jumping from one project to another. You frequently work late into the night and on the weekends. And the details that actually make your business run, like keeping your books or managing clients? When does any of that happen?

If your production schedule looks anything like mine, the biggest chunk of your time is going to the post-production process: the assembly, edit, and finishing of your video. It can take you three days to shoot the footage, and a month to finish putting it together. It takes discipline to sit down, organize your footage, scrub through it, cut it together, find the right music, adjust the timing of your frames, fix the color on that shot you forgot to white balance, all to eventually wait for your computer to render out the final video. And then you discover that you misspelled the name of your client in the lower-thirds graphic. Facepalm. Go back, fix, wait for the render again, export the video, and distribute it again for review.

Is this you? It doesn't have to be.

Imagine if in that month of post-production–the bulk of your time–you were free to find your next client, manage your business, and get back on top of your schedule. No more waiting on your computer to render files. No more tedious searches for music. No more painstaking cutting, only to have your client make adjustments that you disagree with. Only the freedom to do what you love to do–get back to shooting again. 

I want to help you get back behind your camera and free you from post-production!

Why? It’s simple: 

I believe that each of us is gifted in different ways. Some people can look through a viewfinder and instantly size up how to best frame the scene in front of them. Others know exactly how to angle a subject to catch the spectral highlights in the shot. Others know how to place a microphone to capture every sound.  And still others know which shots to weave together into a new whole–the glorious product of all your hard work. 

It’s a rare person in this business who excels at every single aspect of video production. And trying to do everything yourself means one part of your work is spectacular, while the rest of it is sub-par. And you’ve spent a month doing something you really don’t enjoy, only to produce something you’re not really proud of! And you’re sure your clients can tell, leaving you stuck wondering when they’ll find someone better at the things you struggle with, like editing and post-production.

Are you sure you still want to do things this way?

Let’s say your hourly rate is about $70 an hour. During that month of post you spent 160 full-time working hours doing something you hate–that’s $11,200 you could have made behind the camera with other clients doing what you love! And as anybody stuck in a job they hate will tell you, it doesn’t matter how much you make if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. It just isn’t worth it. So why not make that money doing what you love?

But can you really get that month of time back? Is it really possible to be free from your post-production schedule?

I believe it is. And it’s why I started Renegade Digital Post. 

I want to help you get back where you want to be: behind your camera, shooting amazing videos for your customers and clients. I want you to be free from the bottleneck of post-production so that you can put your talents and skills where you can use them best. If your passion is setting up the perfect shot, finding the best location, and chasing that perfect light, then why be stuck in post? Get out from behind your computer and get your next client.

As a video editor, I come alongside filmmakers, shooters and content-creators just like you, to get them back to doing what they do best. I work with you to help shape your footage into the creative vision you have in your mind’s eye. No rogue editing here, and no delivering a final product without you ever speaking into the process. I let you see it as we go along, so that your finished video is exactly how you want it–including editing tricks you never even considered in your original plan.

Together we'll make something special!

Matching your kick-ass filming and cinematography skills with my razor-sharp, Hollywood-honed editing chops means one thing: Your footage sparkles from the second you push record to the second your video ends and the applause begins.

Are you ready to free your schedule from the post-production process and get back to doing what you do best? Are you ready to see your footage shine? Are you ready to maximize your skills and mine to create something truly amazing?

At Renegade Digital Post, I offer video-editing services by the hour. You don’t pay me for the whole month of production. While each project is unique and the finishing time varies, most of my projects average about 20 hours of post-production.

Remember that month you spent on full-time post-production? It was worth about $11,200, but it cost you a whole month of time.

Time you could have spent getting new and better clients and living your dream behind the camera.

Working with a video editor like me, you can take control of your schedule with an average investment of only $1,300. Imagine, you could be free from that month-long post-production nightmare for a fraction of the cost you would otherwise spend doing something you hate! And the best part is, you can still take all that time you just saved and make more money with new clients, all while doing what you love. Or better yet, take that time to un-glue your eyes from the never-ending render queue and go spend time with your family or friends.

Still not convinced?

Here's My "You'll Love My Work or Your Money-Back 100%" Guarantee!

This is how certain I am that you’ll like working with me: 

Let me cut your first video and deliver it on schedule and, if you’re not happy with the final product when we get finished, I’ll refund you your ENTIRE editing fee. 

Yes. You read that right. 

A FULL refund if you don’t like the finished video product. And you get to keep the edited video and do whatever you want with it (after all, the footage is yours). We will then part ways as we ride off into the sunset. No hard feelings. And no risk on your part.

So what are you waiting for? 

Grab some dynamite and blast your way out of your production schedule. Get your month back to go shoot, find projects, and live life!