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Forest Fires, 10 videos and $100,000 Fundraising Goal: A Case Study

In late May, Denver nonprofit, CrossPurpose, approached me about a project. They wanted to produce 10 videos in preparation for an approaching fundraising event, the Triple Bypass Bicycle Tour.

The Triple Bypass is a 120-mile ride that takes cyclists over three mountain passes: Juniper Pass, Loveland Pass, and Vail Pass.The 120-mile route winds through the Rocky Mountains. It’s a grueling, all-day climb with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain. Many riders wish to give up. But giving up meant quitting on families exiting poverty.

CrossPurpose exists to alleviate poverty in Denver. Through intentional community work, they help families exit poverty. The fundraising goal for the Triple Bypass event was $100,000. It would see eight families exit poverty through their program.

The idea to encourage the riders to success by interviewing 10 CrossPurpose Leaders on their way to exiting poverty. Each would have the opportunity to encourage the riders in their goal. These 10 videos would be shared through the day of the tour, giving the riders a piece of encouragement each time they stopped to rest along the tour route.

Each unique video had to communicate it’s message of within a minute and a half. Each video needed to be understood in a noisy, outdoor environment. And all of them had to be filmed and edited within a two week period.

Kristi Graydon, the project lead at CrossPurpose, wasn’t sure it could be done on time. “To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was possible to complete within the time frame I needed,” she said in a Facebook review, “However, I know Rachel is known for her excellence in meeting deadlines and I believed she would be our best bet!”

Our film date was set for June 15. Our deadline for delivery was June 30. The clock was on.

The fastest way to finish 10 videos quickly is to edit systematically. That means working with 10 timelines at a time, doing each step in each one, right after the other. The initial interviews were cut down to time and sent off for content review while I worked on graphics and music selections.

We used Screenlight to quickly review files and coordinate feedback. This software allows for comments to be made in timeline, helping us track problem spots, areas that needed further clarification, and streamline the feedback integration process. It’s a tool that saves time, every project.

Once graphics and music were in place, it was time for a second review while I worked on captioning each video. Then, just one more final review of the captions for grammatical and spelling errors, and it was time to export.

It was down to the wire.

I sent the final email with download links at 10:12pm on June 30. But each video was ready for deployment on the day of the Triple Bypass.

But then the CrossPurpose team faced one final challenge:

The Triple Bypass itself was cancelled 24 hours in advance of the tour’s actual start. Forest fires in Breckenridge, close to the tour’s end, prevented a safe riding environment. But that didn’t stop the riders of CrossPurpose. At the last minute, they quickly organized an alternative route well out of the way of the fires, taking them over three, even harder to climb mountain passes.

And they successfully raised $93,500 as a result of their efforts.

The two week turn-around for 10 videos was a challenge. But it was one I was glad to attempt. And to know that others will benefit from the effort is worth the hustle to make it happen.

Kristi concluded her comments about this project with this statement: “Rachel doesn’t just produce great results; she’s not just a machine. Rachel loves the work she does and absolutely loves the people she gets to work with even more. All around she is simply a joy to work with. Thank you, Rachel!”

You are welcome, Kristi and CrossPurpose!

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Watch one of the videos for this series here:

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