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Going From Two Videos a Month to Six: A Case Study

Meet Dave Schlachter…

Dave is a professional producer and in-house editor for Bon Secours Health Systems International. From his offices in Baltimore, MD, he oversees regular video work, creating content to showcase BSHSI’s work in communities across the United States.

In February, 2017 a backlog of work suddenly caught up with Dave. He had six videos waiting to be cut, all with end-of-the-month deadlines. But as a single editor/producer, he typically finishes two videos a month. These videos often feature a few interviews, b-roll, graphics and music. He could edit three, maybe four videos in a month (if he pulled out all the stops). But not six.

Dave had two options: Either work 18 hour days for a month straight and hope for the best, or somehow get work removed from his production schedule. Both seemed to be a recipe for insanity.

That’s when Dave remembered seeing my ad, 10 Ways to Edit Video Footage Faster, on Facebook. Point 10 cracked him up, and he realized he had a simple solution available. He gave me a call here at Renegade Digital Post and asked me edit for him. “Rachel was able to jump in immediately and helped me with the foundational work I needed to get my projects done quickly and on time,” Dave recalls.

How Did Renegade Help Dave?

What Was Our Workflow?

We took advantage of Premiere Pro’s XML file sharing to shuttle timelines back and forth. Dave kept a copy of the footage in Baltimore and sent me a drive with a copy of everything I needed. I used Dropbox to get timelines to Dave quickly. With both of us cutting in CS6, this was an effective way to work remotely on the same projects without needing Cloud’s new syncing features. After relinking his media, Dave finished each video.

At the end of the month, Dave had six finished videos, happy viewers, and his sanity. Dave commented on Facebook recently, “In today’s electronic environment, producers need to be able to work from anywhere with anyone at anytime. But everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. Rachel and her editing services can (and have) handled anything at any time with ease and professionalism.”

See an example of our collaboration here

Do Dave’s Problems Sound Familiar?

I can help you too, just like I helped Dave! Contact me to today and let me take the load off your production schedule. I’m just a phone call or an email away and I’m always ready to help!

“I recommend Rachel to anyone needing editing work for their productions,” Dave says, “She is my number one go to editor when I need professional editing skills.”

I appreciate the vote of confidence Dave!

Here’s to keeping your production keep moving smoothly, Partner! If you’re interested in freeing up your production schedule just like Dave, hit this button!

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