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Do You Need a Sidekick?

So you like being the one-man outfit. Or one-woman. There are women filmmakers too, you know.

And you like to do everything yourself. 

You find the video you want to shoot, plan the shoot, do the shoot, make sure you’ve saved everything to your hard drives. Then you organize footage, log footage, start to cut footage, hunt for music, rearrange footage, then cut it again, switch out the music, look for more music, then wait for another render, adjust more music, then recut again, then another wait for a render…are you sure you still want to be a one-man (or woman) outfit?

Three Reasons Why You Need a Sidekick

1). Your kick-ass footage should be cut by someone of the same quality.

To be a good one, a sidekick has to have your back, point out flaws in your plan, and shoot straight when the time comes. Just like a sharp-shootin’ video editor.

When it comes to video editing, you need a sidekick who will craft a compelling story with your footage, who’s not afraid to help you see your shots in context of the greater whole. Somebody who sees the possibilities and knows how to tap into your audience’s emotions by making sound editing decisions.

A good editor shapes your footage from a storage device filled with clips to a seamless, powerful idea. At Renegade Digital Post, we apply our Hollywood-trained video-editing theory and skills to your footage to make a video uniquely cut to your needs. No templates, no cheats, no sloppy cuts. Just clean, professional edits, every time

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2). You're too busy producing and shooting to spend time editing.

If you’re a one-man (or one-woman) outfit making videos, you’re responsible for the video from pushing “record” to “export.” When working in a team, specific tasks are split between different people.

The producer is responsible for making the video happen. They have the vision, the idea, and the tools to execute that vision. On big Hollywood sets, this person helps the director by giving them whatever they need to make the movie happen. Outside the shiny city of LA, many producers are also directors and vice versa.

One of the skills needed to complete the making of a film or movie is editing. The editor works alongside the producer/director to craft the distinct pieces of footage into a new, complete whole. While some directors are good editors too, the reality is that the skills needed behind the camera are different than the skills needed in the edit bay. A director has to capture moment after moment. An editor has to select the best moments and give them meaning by putting them together in the best order.

At Renegade Digital Post, we provide Hollywood-caliber skills to give your footage meaning and depth. Everything is about crafting the perfect emotional space for your story. Because if your audience isn’t moved, we didn’t do our job right.

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3). You're not a filmmaker, but you want videos for your business. And you've got no time to edit them.

Editing is editing, whether you’re making the next Sundance winner, or a Kickstarter video for your new product. A good editing sidekick is still useful to you. We free you up so you can get back to what you do best: business building. Even if you’re shooting your video on your iPhone and you need it to go to Facebook, don’t waste your precious time sitting in front of iMovie. We can still make your video shine.

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