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Mark Chu’s Wedding Proposal Surprise

In the middle of September I got an email. A friend was planning to propose to his girlfriend in Portugal and he wanted a special video made during the event to surprise her with later.

The shoot involved four people on the ground in Portugal, but the critical piece was getting the footage compiled and editing in short order. Specializing in this, I confidently told my friend that yes, he’d have his video back in one week.

As with every project, there were some complications. A key aside to the camera was never shot in Portugal. The audio from the proposal on the beach was nearly inaudible in initial boosts in the timeline. After renegotiating the due dates, the new piece were shot and I ran the audio through my equipment to see what I could pull up from the data. And lo and behold, the video came together.

Mark dropped the completed video on his Facebook wall this morning, and by this time tonight there were already 3.5K views, 95 comments and 6 shares. Overwhelmingly the reaction to the piece was positive. Everyone loved seeing and experiencing the moment when Mark proposed!

Check out the video and see for yourself what solid editing can do.

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