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New Book Announcement!

Have you ever stopped mid-project to watch your cuts, then got distracted by watching other people’s video work and wondering, “Man, why doesn’t my video feel like THAT?”

Have you ever sat starting at an edit point, wondering why it just felt…off? So much so that you spent twenty minutes wiggling the edit point back and forth on your timeline, finally finding something that felt right but not knowing how you found it?

Have you ever wondered how to pack more emotion into your videos? Or wondering how to hook viewers and keep them watching beyond the first thirty-seconds?

The answers to these nagging editing questions and more await you in my new book, “How to Edit Videos That People Want To Watch!”

After ten years of working as a video editor and spending hours helping other producers solve their video editing headaches, I knew the independent video production community needed solutions. And fast! There had to be a way I could get the information I knew into the hands of the people who needed it: those video producers and content creators making videos without the benefits of large production teams.

That’s why I wrote “How to Edit Videos That People Want To Watch.” I wrote this book to give YOU the tools I use everyday to edit videos that keep audiences watching.

As my book description says, “Whether you run a video production studio or you’re an independent freelancer, a YouTuber or in-house content creator, this short, easy-to-read and easy-to-apply book will give you the tools you need to assemble your videos quickly and powerfully. Apply these skills whether you’re editing videos for web, social media, corporate businesses or non-profits. Discover why an edit point works or doesn’t, what kinds of edits to use, when to cut your footage to the best advantage, where to use effects and transitions, and how to weave everything together into a compelling story for your audience. Learn how to cut and make videos that keep your audience engaged and watching until the very last frame.”

You can snag your copy of “How to Edit Videos That People Want To Watch,” right here on Amazon:


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