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Our Post-Production Services

You don’t have to navigate the hours of post-production alone.

Renegade Digital Post specializes in high-quality post-production services for filmmakers, business owners, and social media marketers. We excel at finishing videos for corporate and non-profit sectors, preparing videos formats for all social media networks, as well as editing for short film and documentary filmmakers. We’re sure to have a service option that’s right for you!

The Social Express

With a 3 business-day turn-around, your video can be quickly ready to reach your customers! This versatile post-production package can be used for more than just social media. Designed for businesses and individuals alike!

The Surefire Video Edit

Don’t need help post-production all the time, but you really would like the occasional project off your plate? This package is for you! Let us take the load out of your production schedule as we edit and finish your video for you. 

The Sidekick Editor

We can be available whenever YOU need us! This premium monthly package gives you Priority Production Access to our production calendar, 20 post-production hours each month AND a discounted rate for every additional hour needed for your projects!

Post-Production Package Pricing

Expert editing, motion graphics, music and audio engineering for every producer, videographer and video creator!

The Social Express



Use footage from your smartphone or cameras, let us take care of the editing!

  • 4 hours of editing time per video.

  • 3 day editing turn-around per video.

  • Custom music, captions, and graphics

  • Additional options for delivery to Instagram

  • 3-Step Revision/Review Process

  • Overnighted Hard Drives*

  • Priority Production Access**

Got multiple videos to produce at the same time? We can handle multi-video projects. Talk with us today!

Most Popular!

The Surefire Video Edit


starts at+

Take care of your post-production needs with our expert editing, motion graphics, 3D animations and audio engineering.

  • Start with 8 hours of editing time.+

  • 4-6 week turn-around time.

  • Custom music, captions and graphics.

  • 3-Step Revision/Review Process

  • Overnighted Hard Drives if needed.

  • Priority Production Access**

+If your project takes more than 8 hours to complete, additional hours are $75/hr as needed.

The Sidekick Editor


per month

If you’re continually stuck in post-production while projects and clients pass your company by, this premium package is for you!

  • 20 hours of editing time each month!++

  • 3-4 week turn-around time per project.

  • Custom music, captions and graphics.

  • 3-Step Revision/Review Process per project.

  • Overnighted Hard Drives if needed.

  • Priority Production Access!

++ Premium Sidekick Editor access also includes extra hours each month at $65/hour instead of our normal rate.

The Fine Print...

* Overnighted hard drives are only available to the Surefire Edit and the Sidekick Editor options. 

** Priority Production Access is only available in the Sidekick Editor option. All other requested projects will be completed within our current, existing production schedule. 

Our Process Makes the Difference!

Hollywood Quality Editing

What is Hollywood Quality Editing? It’s based on the skills we learned after a decade of cutting videos. This journey took us all the way to Hollywood to learn from the best. 

The result? A video that is hand-crafted and unique to your story. No templates, no square pegs in round holes. Just your story, as unique as you and your brand.

3-Step Review/Revision Process

Don’t be kept out of the process. It’s your video. And a true post-production pro works with you to tell your story right.

Our 3-Step Revision/Review Process allows you and Renegade Digital Post to truly collaborate on your video. You’re involved throughout the post-production process so you can give your feedback every step of the way.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Seriously. Can you find any other post-production company that will guarantee your satisfaction on your project, even refunding your ENTIRE post-production fee if you’re not absolutely happy or satisfied?

We know you’ll be pleased with your final video. It’s why we back it up with our guarantee. And only Renegade Digital Post gives you this peace of mind.

What Would You Like To Know?

The are questions we often get from our new clients. We want to provide you with all the answers you need to craft a quality video with us. 

Ready to Go, Or Can We Answer More Questions?

If you’re ready to get started, click the Get Started button to get the process started for your Post-Production Package. And if you’re not sure which one is best, we can help you figure out which package is best for your post-production needs.

We’re also happy to answer any question your have about any Post-Production Package, especially if you don’t find your answer in the FAQ below. And if you don’t see a service that you think fits your needs, let us know!  We welcome the opportunity to accomodate your needs, Partner.