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The Sidekick Editor

Who needs a Sidekick? 

Anybody producing videos on a regular basis, but lacks either the time for post-production or the skills and resources to complete their projects. This premium monthly service gives you 20 hours of post-production time, every month, to use as you need to get your projects done professionally and on time.

This Premium Service Package gives you the best deal on our post-production rates at over 10% off! Those savings continue, even if you need more than 20 post-production hours in a month.

And with Priority Production Access, every one of our resources, from Hollywood quality editing, motion graphic and 3D animation, as well as expert audio engineering and mixing are available whenever you need it.

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Other Ideas For This Package:
  • Access to editorial and post-production for social media teams
  • Post-production for in-house videographers recording training videos, capturing events or state-of-the-union speeches 
  • Editorial input and feedback on your current projects
  • Rough cuts and basic story assembly to tighten up edits to time requirements
  • String-outs for interviews and b-roll you can finish on yourself
This Premium Package is $1509/mo.

Don’t be stuck in post-production while projects and clients pass your company by! This premium package is for you!

How Our Clients Used This Service Package
Rodney Scot Media Group

Our latest project with Rodney Scot Media Group partnered our services with his production company, creating a product announcement video for his end client.

Rodney Scot says, “I have worked with numerous editors over the years and Rachel is by far the most professional and talented editor I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Renegade Digital Post will be our go-to company on all upcoming projects.

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