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The Social Express Video

Sometimes you need a video crafted quickly. 

Just like the Pony Express delivered mail from California to New York in three days (before the railroad!), the Social Express gets you your video in three business days.

It doesn’t need a fancy edit or a lot cuts. It just needs to look nice. And if you’re trying to get videos out the door for social media or for other applications but don’t have time for the edit or the equipment or skills, The Social Express package is perfect for you.

This package was originally designed for speedy social media video creation, but it’s perfect for many other types of videos as well. Our clients have used them for a variety of other situations.

Have other questions? Check our our FAQ down the page.

Other Ideas For This Package:
  • Training videos for your staff.

  • Testimonial videos about your company, products or services.

  • Introductory videos of staff or employees for your website.

  • Product demonstration videos.

  • Tutorial videos for your website or social media channels.

  • Video walk-throughs for real estate or other venues.

This Package Costs $309 ea.

Got multiple videos to produce at the same time? We can handle multi-video projects. Talk with us today!

How Our Clients Used This Service Package
Kristi G. of CrossPurpose

Kristi G. asked us to make a 10 video series for a fundraising event for her organization. We had 2 weeks to go from raw footage to 10 videos and we delivered. 

Kristi says, “To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was possible to complete within the time frame I needed. However, I know Rachel is known for her excellence in meeting deadlines and I believed she would be our best bet!”  

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Mark Chu's Surprise

Mark C. used this video package to create a special surprise for his then-girlfriend: a video of his proposal to her on a beach in Portugal to show her at their wedding. Within three weeks we had the footage shot in Portugal back to Mark in time to share with his new fiancee. 

Mark tells us, “Best customer service ever on video production!”

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Denver Rescue Mission

Denver Rescue Mission wanted a new header video to use in the background of their newly developed website. This video, while totally silent, had to provide a broad look at Denver Rescue Mission’s services to the homeless in Denver–all within 15 seconds. 

As Denver Rescue Mission’s Website Administrator told us, “I love it! Thanks for all your hard work! I’m so excited to see it on the website.”

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