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The Surefire Video Edit

Sometimes you just don’t have time to do it all. Deadlines are crunching down hard you need a little help to get through your post-production. You need a surefire way of getting out your mess.

This is why Renegade Digital Post was born: to get you out of post-production and back in the driver’s seat of your production schedule. There is nothing worse that being stuck in post, knowing your next big client just passed you over because you were too busy.

Featuring the full power of our editing, motion graphics and audio cleaning and mixing, this edit is the quality post-production you need to finish your project from start to finish. Or only begin the edit. Some of our clients just needed somebody to get the project started before finishing it themselves.

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Other Ideas For This Package:
  • Interview-based promotional videos.

  • Company origin stories or about us videos.

  • In-depth product demonstrations.

  • Product release announcements.

  • Corporate advertising.

  • Fundraising videos for nonprofits.

  • Kickstarter fundraising pitch videos.

  • Promotional videos for events, trade shows and staff meetings.

  • Engagement and/or wedding video post-production.

  • Rough cuts and string-outs.

This Package Starts at $609*

*If your project takes more than 8 hours to complete, additional hours are $75/hr as needed.

How Our Clients Used This Service Package
Bon Secours Health Systems, Inc.

Dave S. at BSHSI needed help and fast. We took on his rough cuts and assembled his interviews into string-outs so he could focus on polishing and branding control.

He commented about our service, “Renegade Digital Post was able to jump in immediately and helped me with the foundational work I needed to get my projects done quickly and on time. Renegade is my number one go to editor when I need professional editing skills.”

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SwitchUp Promotional Video

Johnell M. wanted to tell the story of young leaders in the SwitchUp program changing the lives of young kids in the poorest neighborhoods in Denver.

Johnell said after this project, “Renegade Digital Post went above and beyond expectations to capture the heart of our program to communicate its impact. They met every deadline outlined in the agreement and I couldn’t be more impressed with Renegade’s work.”

Watch This Video!

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