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Project Automation for Faster Video Edits

One of the ways we save time at Renegade Digital Post is using Project Automation to free up valuable video editing time. For us, it means we get more edits done in exchange for less of the necessary, but repetitive tasks associated with editing. For you, it means your paid hours of video editing time go farther.

For example, something we have to do each we start a new project is create a project file structure to hold your content, plus all the content from our libraries, as well as all the project files needed complete your project. If you’ve ever spent time going right-click > New Folder, type Folder Name, right-click > New Folder, type Folder Name, you have an understanding of this necessary but mundane task. And how time-consuming it can be.

Let’s say it takes about 10-seconds to complete the above task for each folder. Do that six times, and you’ve spent a whole minute creating six folders. In our projects, we routinely create about 14 folders to organize footage, images, music, sound effects, and other resources. At 10-seconds per folder creation, that’s two minutes worth of time spent creating folders.

To save these two minutes, we created a “Dummy Project” folder system, where every folder we need to organize our project files is already prepared. At the start of a new project, we copy the Dummy Project folder system to our hard drive, rename it for your project, and then fill the appropriate folders with your content.

So we save two minutes. That’s not a lot of editing time in the bank.

But those two minutes saved by copying a prepared file structure save much more time later.

One of the keys of essential file organization is keeping the naming conventions and hierarchy the same from project to project. This helps us find information and resources in the same place. If you’ve ever spent time cleaning up badly organized files, you know what I mean here. When folders are created individually for each project, naming conventions and hierarchy is difficult to remember. Names of folders get mixed up with similar names. They get put in different places. Headaches happen later in the editing workflow because the file hierarchy is messed up. Files are not in the expected location. And this wastes time. Time to search for the needed resources. Time to rename folders. Refiling folders. Waiting for data to move locations. Re-linking project files within the editing software. I have had to clean up badly prepared and organized files in mid-project in the past, and it can take at least a half an hour, even longer.

So now how much time did we save by preparing our file structure at the beginning of the project?

It’s little things that make a huge difference. At Renegade Digital Post, we’re constantly looking for areas like this where we can automate, simplify, and streamline our workflows so we can maximize your editing time. Because there’s nothing worse than paying for a file to copy from one location to another when it didn’t have to.

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