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Rates & Fees

Every project at Renegade Digital Post is paid by the hour of editing time. Before work begins, we will discuss your project needs and give you an estimate of how many hours you can expect your project to take. We also take budgetary and time-constraints into consideration as we work.

Throughout the length of your project, we keep you updated with weekly reports on how many editing hours we’ve used, what’s been completed, and how much longer we estimate our work needs are. That way, there are no surprises.

What You Get For Your Project

Our standard editing rate is $65 per hour (other options exist for our Sidekick Editor Customers). While many of our projects take between 10-20 hours, there’s no sure way we say for certain what will take to finish yours without a conversation first. 

We know you want an idea of how many hours a typical project can take. The only way we can give you an estimate is to talk about what you need. That’s why we like to discuss your project first, to fine out what you need to accomplish, your turn-around needs, and any budgetary constraints you may have. It doesn’t cost you a cent to talk with us about your video. It’s here we specially tailor our services to fit your needs.

What You Get for $65 an Hour:

Freedom for another project!

For every hour that you’re sitting behind your editing computer, that’s another hour spent not finding your next client, filming your next project, or telling your next story. If the average project takes between 15 and 20 hours of time, that’s almost a half a week you could spend doing something else!

High power equipment!

We built our own video editing machine, specifically so we could save time and money finishing projects. Our computer is lightening fast, so you don’t pay for render time. Neither do you have to sit around waiting for your machine to export a file. No more waiting, because we’re doing it for you (and we’re not doing much of it, either).

Hollywood-trained skills!

We have almost a decade of editing experience, and have learned our craft through one-on-one mentoring on the job, as well as additional classes in Hollywood, California. Our years of practice and study means we take less time making crucial editing decisions. And it means we have more time to do creative things with your edit.

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