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Three Situations When You Should Work With An Outside Editor

You’re a video producer. Either you work for yourself, doing video projects for clients from shoot to final edits, or you’re a producer working with a small to mid-sized team, coordinating a team of people to handle all the aspects of video production. You have the whole production process covered in one way or another.

So should you ever consider the possibility of working with an outside editor? I say yes! By writing off ever using an outside editor, you cripple your ability to solve these three situations:

Situation One: The peaks in your production schedule are almost impossible to sustain.

We all have seasons where our work seems to take 110% of our efforts. We work flat out, stay up late, drink endless cups of coffee, and grit our teeth to get through the work load. And while the work gets done, we come out on the other side exhausted and in need of a vacation. But take that vacation and all your business momentum stalls out.

Solution One: Get through the peaks with more sanity by farming some of the work off to an outside editor. Either ask them to do rough cuts that you or your team finishes, or have them do the whole project. Even if it’s just a project or two, it can be enough that everything gets done and you don’t need a vacation afterwards.

Situation Two: You secretly hate the edit process.

If you’re a one man- or one-woman production team, there’s often a part of the process you don’t enjoy as much as another. Having worked in the single-person-production world before, I understand how dreading one part of the production process can color the rest. It’s no fun. You’re unmotivated to find more work because of the part you don’t like to do. And if you feel like your work is sub-par in that area too, and you hate your work even further.

Solution Two: If it’s the edit process that you dread, it’s time to talk to someone about handling that for you. If you’re a one-man or one-woman production team and want to keep it that way, it’s not always necessary to hire your first employee. Rather, outsource the editing to someone else who can handle the work and deliver the edits you need. The result gives you freedom to pursue the part of the job you love and still guarantee that your work is stellar.

Situation Three: You Need a Guarantee That The Edits Get Done

Whether you work for yourself or you work for a team, you only get paid when you meet deadlines. If you or your crew are having a hard time ensuring that the post-production work gets done when it needs to–regardless of what other cool project comes up next–you need to have a way to get the work done.

Solution Three: If tackling the new project is too tempting to chase over finishing the old one, you need a partner to come alongside and get things out the door on time. Someone who loves being behind closed doors and in the dark, fussing over a few frames. Someone who can bring you the security of knowing that the work is happening, even if you decide to take the time to geek out over building a new camera rig for that next project.

Conclusion: You might be someone who doesn’t need an outside editor 100% of the time. But don’t write off the idea of forever. Occasionally working with someone else can free you up to pursue the things you love, the clients and projects you desire and give you a break to breathe.

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