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We can can go on and on about how great a Sidekick we are, but until you see the kinds of videos we create, it’s all just fluff. Watch some of our recent work and be inspired about what we can create for you.

Forest2Market: SilvaStat360 Promotional

Working in collaboration with Rodney Scot Media Group, we provided the edit and post-production for this promotional piece for Forest2Market.

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SwitchUp: Transformational Discipleship

In 2017, SwitchUp began in Denver’s neighborhood to take young people in the community and disciple them into leaders of their generation. Discover the impact of the program as staff and emerging leaders share their journey.

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Bypassing Barriers

CrossPurpose works in Denver eliminating poverty. In a ten-part video series they sought to empower cyclists climbing mountain passes as they raised $100,000 for the work in the community.

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Stories of Changed Lives: July 2016

No one aspires to be homeless…but that’s exactly what happened to Chris one Thanksgiving evening. Be inspired by his amazing journey from nothing to success.

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Stories of Changed Lives: September 2016

Life is sometimes like white water rafting. There are rapids, uncertainty, and fear. For Matt, that was how life was like on the streets. Watch his journey from homelessness to new found life.

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Shaped by God: Lewis RIffle

One of an 11-part video series produced and edited for Christian Surfer US. The full project was designed to share the individual stories of surfers and the impact of their relationship with Jesus Christ on their lives.

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