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Bypassing Barriers

About this video

Bypassing Barriers is a 10-part video series designed for a fundraising event in 2017 for the the Denver, Colorado-based nonprofit, CrossPurpose. The goal was to create a series of videos to go out during the Triple Bypass Bicycle Climb. 25+ riders were to be climbing three mountain passes and raising $100,000 for CrossPurpose’s poverty work in Denver. Sadly, the race was canceled 24-hours before due to forest fires in Breckenridge, the final stop of the race. Undeterred, the riders from CrossPurpose organized their own triple bypass and rode over three different passes to finish their fundraising goal. The project was a success, raising over $93,000 for CrossPurpose.

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Video Credits

Produced by: Rachel Bogan and CrossPurpose

Filmed by: Rachel Bogan and Robert Bogan

Edited by: Rachel Bogan, Renegade Digital Post

Feedback from our Partner

“Recently I reached out to Rachel to consult her videography & editing services for a last minute project. To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was possible to complete within the time frame I needed. However, I know Rachel is known for her excellence in meeting deadlines and I believed she would be our best bet! Rachel eagerly accepted the project, appropriately negotiated terms with clarity and kindness, and remained thorough in her communication throughout the whole process. And, of course, she delivered each of the high quality videos we needed within the short two-week turn around requirement given to her.

“More than that, Rachel doesn’t just produce great results; she’s not just a machine. Rachel loves the work she does and absolutely loves the people she gets to work with even more. All around she is simply a joy to work with. Thank you, Rachel!” ~ Kristi Graydon, CrossPurpose