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Denver Rescue Mission: 2015 Web Header

About this video

At the end of October 2015, Denver Rescue Mission completed an overhaul to their website. As a part of the new design, the home page featured a large “jumbotron”-type background video. Renegade Digital Post was asked to cut together footage shot around the Mission to showcase the programs, people, and impact of DRM around the city of Denver. 

There is no sound with this video. For full effect, we recommend watching this video in context of DRM’s website:

Watch video in context
Video Credits

Filmed and Produced by: Denver Rescue Mission

Edited by: Rachel Bogan, Renegade Digital Post

Feedback from Our Partner

“I love it! Thanks Rachel for all your help.” ~ Chris Gallamore, Director of Communications at Denver Rescue Mission

“I love it! Thanks for all your hard work! I’m so excited to see it on the website.” ~ Katelyn McArdle, Web Admin at Denver Rescue Mission