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Denver Rescue Mission: LSCC Timelapse

About this video

Throughout 2015, Denver Rescue Mission filmed the building of the Lawrence Street Community Center via a Go-Pro a-top the Lawrence Street Shelter. In preparation for the opening celebration in November, 2015, DRM worked with us to edit together this timelapse video. We took their Go-Pro footage and other images, and combined it with effects and music from our library. This video was show during the opening celebration day in November, 2015.

Video Credits

Produced by: Denver Rescue Mission

Filmed by: Denver Rescue Mission, with additional stills and video provided by Denver Rescue Mission.

Edited by: Rachel Bogan, Renegade Digital Post

Feedback from our Partner

“We appreciate you getting this one done quickly! We are happy with how it turned out.” ~ Alexxa Gagner, Director of PR at Denver Rescue Mission