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Forest2Market: SilvaStat360 Promotional

About This Video

Rodney Scot Media Group approached Renegade Digital Post in July, 2017 about collaborating and providing post-production and editorial work for this promotional piece for Forest2Market. The goal was to introduce the new software product, SilvaStat360 to Forest2Market’s customers.

Renegade Digital Post brought together a dedicated team of post-professionals, including animation and 3D, as well as sound design to produce this comprehensive look at SilvaStat360.

Video Credits

End Client: Forest2Market

Producer and Cinemaphotography: Rodney Scot, Rodney Scot Media Group (

Editing and Post-Production: Rachel Bastarache Bogan, Renegade Digital Post (

Animation and 3D: Gary Tussey (

Sound Engineering: Allison Reitz, Allison Sound (

Feedback From Our Partner

“I simply can’t say enough about Renegade Digital Post. I have worked with numerous editors over the years and Rachel is by far… the most professional and talented editor I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of the process were a perfect fit with our project. Renegade Digital Post will be our go-to company on all upcoming projects. Our latest project was based on the east coast and even though Renegade is based in Colorado, it worked seamlessly. Thank you Rachel … More projects to come.” ~ Rodney Scot, Rodney Scot Media Group