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Mark Chu Proposal Surprise

About this video

In late 2016, Mark Chu approached me about helping him with a special project: he wanted to video his proposal to his girlfriend, Lydia. They were in Portugal for the International Gathering of Christian Surfers. Recruiting a bunch of friends to help film the moment, Mark needed somebody to assemble the final product.

I gladly jumped at the chance and quickly editing this video together for Mark within 3 weeks of his return from Portugal. The review process was a little tricky to do with Lydia around! But we got this finished just in time for their 4 week-since-proposing-anniversary!

Video Credits

Produced by: Mark Chu and Amy Wong

Filmed by: Mark Chu, Amy Wong, Charlotte Sawyer

Edited by: Rachel Bogan, Renegade Digital Post

Feedback from our Partner

“Best customer service ever on video production along with her co-producer, Amy Wong!” ~ Mark Chu