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Shaped by God: Lewis Riffle

About this video

In January 2015, Christian Surfers approached us and asked if we could help them put together an 11-part video series for their social media. Christian Surfers is made up of thousands of individuals around the world, sharing their love of surfing and of Jesus Christ. Those individual stories are largely unknown, but they make up the deepest part of Christian Surfers. “Shaped by God” was produced to capture those individual stories, sharing the transformation and impact of Jesus Christ on these individuals lives.

Video Credits

Produced by: Josh Peevyhouse, Christian Surfers US

Filmed by: Amy Wong and Rachel Bogan

Edited by: Rachel Bogan, Renegade Digital Post

Feedback from Our Partner

“Thank you again for all of your hard work!!! Stoked on the videos that you did and looking forward to seeing what else God produces through you!” ~ Josh Peevyhouse, Christian Surfers US