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Stories of Changed Lives: July 2016

About this video

I cut this video for Denver Rescue Mission May-June, 2016. DRM produced the video and provided all the footage. I also was involved art directed during some of the filming.

This piece was made to accompany DRM’s July issue of Stories of Change, their monthly newsletter. The piece features the story of Chris, graduate of DRM’s New Life Program and now an employee of Denver Rescue Mission. My client wanted this video to convey the perseverance and the power of the community in empowering another person’s life.

Video Credits

Produced: Denver Rescue Mission

Footage: Denver Rescue Mission

Edited: Renegade Digital Post, Rachel Bogan

Music and SFX:

Feedback from our Partner

I love it! Thanks Rachel for all your help.” ~ Chris Gallamore, Director of Communications at Denver Rescue Mission