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SwitchUp: Transformational Discipleship

About this video

This promo video for SwitchUp was produced in July-August of 2017. SwitchUp is a transformational discipleship program in heart of Denver, Colorado. It takes young people from the neighborhood and brings out their leadership skills by teaching them how to develop and lead programs for younger children. This program operates in partnership with Denver Red Shield Salvation Army.

The client approached me in early July about a last minute shoot and edit. I had a week to prepare for the shoot, and then a deadline four weeks out from that. This piece was shot, interviews and b-roll, on July 14, with the final file delivered to my client on August 10.

Video Credits

Director of Photography, Interviewer and Editor: Rachel Bogan (

Audio Design: Allison Sound (

Music:, used with license.

Feedback from our Partner

“The video looks great!” ~ Johnell Moody, Director of SwitchUp