Starting in 2023!

Please reach out to see my current production capacity.

Telling Extraordinary Stories

Storytelling is powerful. It can change the way someone thinks and acts. Since 2015, I have strived to make that the heart of every editing project completed by Renegade Digital Post. My Collaborative Remote Editing process let’s me work with producers and filmmakers anywhere in the world.

Since 2023, my production calendar is limited. I take on post production and editing projects on a very selective basis. My mission is still telling stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work. If you feel your film or documentary fits that mission, reach out and let’s see what’s possible! 

My Post-Production Work

SilvaStat360 Promotional

Working in collaboration with Rodney Scot Media Group, I provided the edit and post-production for this promotional piece for Forest2Market.

video production example for Denver 3D Print Company promo video preview image

Denver 3D Print Company:
Project Mold

I handled the full video production of this Kickstarter promotional for Adam Zimmer and the Denver 3D Print Company.

Video production example for Let's talk QWERTY video preview window

Let's Talk QWERTY

This educational video was produced in-house utilizing creative camera work and storytelling to explore the history of the QWERTY keyboard.