Collaborating Together With Renegade

You understand your story best. And you know who needs to hear it. I do more than just push buttons in a video editing program. I help shape and craft your content so that the story YOU want and need to tell is engaging, memorable and actionable.

Since 2015, I have brought my collaborative storytelling and post-production workflow to producers across the United States. At every step of the video editing process, you’re involved, giving your feedback, notes and direction. And I believe you’ll love the process so much, I guarantee you’ll love your finished video! 

What's a Collaborative Post Production Process?

First, I take you a look at your creative brief and project request and tell you what I think will work best. Then, after sending me your content, I’ll tell you want I think is possible. Sometimes the footage doesn’t match your creative needs, but together we’ll come up with a solution that still meets your vision.

Then–and only then–I begin the video edit. You’ll see a Rough Draft 1 through my feedback software and provide me with your notes. In round one of your feedback, I want to know: what do you like? What don’t you like? What needs improvement? I want all of that so when I start the process on Draft 2 I know exactly what to focus on. Then I go through another round of your feedback. Then I cut Draft 3. And usually after that, I’m pretty much done with video editing. 

Seriously. For many of my producers, their story is right within three drafts once the post-production process starts.

With my post-production editing tools, I craft and shape your content so quickly that few of my clients need more work than that (though if your project does more need revisions, I’ll keep going until you’re 100% happy :D).

My Video Editing Production Tools

I also strive to keep my post-production tools fast, efficient and flexible. That means a tricked out video editing rig with 6 dual core processors, 34 gb of RAM and a host of applications to speed up the edit. These include:

And if I don’t have the right skills or applications to get the job done right, I have a network of post professionals I can call on and bring into the collaborative process.

That’s why if you’re not 100% happy with your video after I deliver it on time, I’ll refund your entire post-production fees. And you keep the finished video anyway. Period.

The Renegade Way

Storytelling is powerful, and stories impact our world everyday. Stories change the way someone thinks and acts. At Renegade Digital Post, I take storytelling and video editing seriously. I’ve worked with producers and creators across the United States since 2015. My collaborations have helped nonprofits bring change to the community, companies transform industries, and ordinary people talk about doing extraordinary work.

In today’s world, stories are shared through video. Over 80% of all storytelling online is through video. I’m here to help you get your story out into the world so it can make an impact.

Creative storytelling is for everyone, no matter if you’re a big-time producer or a small-town content marketer. If you care about creating and sharing video stories that can transform the world, I want to work with you!