Remote Video Editing + Collaboration

You understand your story best. And you know who needs to hear it. I do more than just push buttons in a video editing program. I help shape and craft your content so that the story YOU want and need to tell is engaging, memorable and actionable.

What can you expect when you work with me? And if you’ve never worked with a remote editor, how will it work?

How Does a Collaborative Remote Post-Production Process Work?


The first step is figuring out if we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll start with a phone or video call to discuss your needs and vision. We’ll also go over any creative brief or specific requirements you have.

Then, I’ll send you a proposal to make sure we’re both on the same page about creative needs, milestones and budget. Once we agree on that, we’ll move forward!


One of the first things I’ll set up is a dashboard for your project. From here, you’ll be able to track progress on your project, access key files, assess milestones and deadlines, and find anything you need related to your production. Just one login and it will be all at your fingertips!

I’ll also provide any instructions on how to get your media files to me. Sometimes these can be emailed or Dropbox’d, other times you might need to mail me a hard drive. I’ll make sure you know what to do so we both have what we need.

Depending on your production, I may need to bring on another creative partner. While I do a lot of editing, there is some stuff that’s not my forte (3D Animation? Custom composed music?) I’ll make sure you’re happy with their work, but I’ll take on the headache of coordinating their role and their managment so you don’t have to.

As a part of your production, you’ll also be making notes and revisions via an online platform. This will enable us to discuss specific edit points and changes without confusion. Trust me, you’ll love this.



Then–and only then–I begin editing. You’ll see a Rough Draft 1 through my feedback software and provide me with your notes. We’ll go through what you like, don’t like, what needs improvement and what is working just fine. We’ll go through this process for a total of three times. 

Why only three? For many of my producers, their story is right within three drafts once the post-production process starts. With my post-production editing tools, I craft and shape your content so quickly that few of my clients need more work than that (though if your project does more need revisions, I’ll keep going until you’re 100% happy :D).

There’s some other things that happen during the post-production phase. I’ll put together a library of music samples so you can get a sense of the musical feel of your production. I’ll also do the same for stock footage and images. And I’ll also create any graphics needed for your production. And if we’re utilizing additional creative partners to achieve your vision, I’ll be working with them as well.

Throughout it all, you can be as hands on as you want, or if you feel comfortable, I can handle most of these choices before bringing the drafts to you for your review.


Once the edit is complete, I’ll package up everything so you can download your final files. And I’ll make sure that any final steps like mailing back a hard drive or sending other files is finished. 

My Video Editing Production Tools

I strive to keep my post-production tools fast, efficient and flexible so that I can maximize creative time, not computing or upload time. That means a dedicated video editing computer with 6 dual core processors, 34 gb of RAM and a host of applications to speed up the edit. These include:

I don’t have the right skills or applications to get the job done right, I have a network of post professionals I can call on and bring into the collaborative process. Through remote editing, you’re not tied to your local resources or local skill providers. You can access world-class expertise and service through me.

The Renegade Way

Storytelling is powerful, and stories impact our world everyday. Stories change the way someone thinks and acts. 

Creative storytelling is for everyone. If you care about creating and sharing video stories that can transform the world, I want to work with you! 

That’s why if you’re not 100% happy with your video after I deliver it on time, I’ll refund your entire post-production fees. And you keep the finished video forever. Period.