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Storytelling as Curation

I’m reading a fascinating book called “Curation: The Power of Selection in a World of Excess,” by Michael Bhaskar. In it, the author argues that as our world has become increasingly filled with more and more content, the more we need filters to tell us what’s important. As a result, we rely on people and algorithms to organize it all. Editing content and shaping stories is exactly the same. It’s said there’s three processes to…

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So what is an extraordinary story?

Here at Renegade Digital Post, we talk a lot about telling extraordinary stories. But what separates a story from an extraordinary story? And why does telling an extraordinary story matter? Stories are used everywhere in our world. They’re used to tell us information about the news, products, services, people, sports, you name it. Everytime we hear or see a story, we take in information, internalize it, think about it, and then share it with other…

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