COVID19 Changed Video Production

I think this goes without say, but COVID19 changed video production forever.

Certainly a lot happened. Good people I know in LA lost their jobs in post-production because of the lockdowns. And I know a lot of people who’s workload blew up. Go figure.

In all the craziness, there was definitely one good thing that came out of it all: The upheaval forced producers around the world to take a hard look at the traditional video production process. Much of the traditional post-production world relied on being “there” and “in-person” to make edits and complete post. But why? Especially when there’s so many great tools out there for remote editing?

The downfall of traditional post production…

Anybody who’s been editing with today’s tools knows there’s a plethora of tools that enable remote collaboration. Things like online file transfer sites like Dropbox allow us to shuttle footage back and forth (of course, there’s FedEx and UPS there in case the internet connection is too weak). With online review tools, there’s no need for a producer to edit over your shoulder in the edit bay. Here at Renegade, I use for my Partners to provide feedback and notes. And it’s possible to have team projects and duplicate libraries and hard drives that keep everything all online.

COVID19 video production triggered a change that’s rippled throughout the post-production world. I have a number of friends from LA taking advantage of this now, moving out to the City of Angels to work in better, greener, cheaper places.

Here at Renegade as people realized that video production was still possible during COVID19, 2020 became a busy year. Out of the blue, our production queue kicked into high gear in August. We brought on our newest Partner, DMK Productions out of Spokane, WA, took on a local production for a Denver-based hair salon, and started a new collaboration with Resolve Entertainment as they build a YouTube production agency.

A new year with COVID19 video production

COVID19 hasn’t been beat. Yet. But that hasn’t stopped producers from learning to leverage the power of remote collaboration to create new content in new ways.

More and more producers are ditching the traditional model of video production and collaborating with remote production crews. In a world that went upside down, the industry finally figured out to pivot and truly take advantage of the tools we have to create videos together.

Honestly, for me here at Renegade, not much changed that way. I’ve always offered remote video editing services to our Partners. Since 2015 it’s enabled to work with some pretty cool people on some awesome projects. I can’t wait to see who else we’re going to work with in 2021. I hope you’ll come onboard as our Partner.

Hi-ho, Storytellers!

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